Anxiety…that bitch

Who the hell does she think she is anyway? I’m not required to stress about every hypothetical calamity am I? Who says my life is going to be terrible?!

“Free Time”

For me free time is nothing short of an impossible dream…a wish upon a star that will never come true.

When It All Falls Down

It’s the teeny, tiny, creeping issues that, after weeks of pinned up passive aggression, cause my sanity to unfurl and explode at volcanic proportions.

Booty-Busting Workout

This workout met all of my requirements for qualifying as a good workout. It challenged me.

Mom Jeans

My mom jeans are the best! They’re basically the holy grail of jeans for me.

Post-baby Belly

I’ve got a ton of things that remind me of my pregnant days, I don’t need stretch marks to be one of them… can I really enjoy the fruits of my labor if my tummy is painted with stretch marks?

How To Discipline an Angry Child

I’m 30 years old with three little boys of my own and one of my children is that child, in the aisle, kicking his legs, arms flailing, screaming at the top of his lungs!

TOP 5 Reasons You Should Be Thrifting

Thrift stores aren’t like Wal-Mart and Macy’s and it’s not just because of the prices. It’s because you won’t find the same things from one thrift store to another. They all have a different selection and that’s what makes it so fun.

Embracing Insanity

Am I really gonna go from couch potato, to workout-app user to doing Insanity? Well, yes. That’s exactly what I did. After having tried that ridiculous app- that gave me zero guidance on how long or how many reps to do or how to get a handle on my nutrition- I got out of my head and tried Insanity.

Dear Me,

Something will get in your way but continue. Things won’t go as planned but continue. You’ll be tired of trying, people will let you down, God will feel distant but CONTINUE, and when you do…

Far Away Love

Having sex just because, when just because was all there was.
Before priorities were real and responsibility took the stage.
Before our family status reminded us of our age.

Fear of Failure, Kiss My Ass

When the feeling of failure is looming over your head, threatening to shove you off the cliff into a pile of all your other failed attempts at success, what the hell do you do?